$9,995.00 USD

Live Professional Productivity Coaching For Teams

In this live coaching series led by Austin Landow, your team will explore straightforward strategies that will improve their organizational skills, make them more consistent and reliable in their work, and even help them put balance back in their work-life balance. 

From mastering project management to optimizing their calendars and file systems, I teach your team my practical system for dramatically enhancing productivity, and customize the content and examples to your organization's unique operations. By properly organizing information and effectively prioritizing tasks, your team will experience both immediate results and a long-term transformation.

What Your Team Gets In This Coaching Series

  • An initial planning session to customize my strategies to your team
  • Six (6) live Zoom sessions for your team with me that cover my entire productivity methodology.
  • Worksheets and cheat sheets for each session to help you build your systems
  • Downloadable lesson presentations for each session for easy reference
  • Two (2) 60-minute 1-on-1 sessions for each team member to get insights and assistance as they build out their own systems
  • 30% discount on future coaching to keep you on track and organized

Series Price:  $14,995  $9,995!

What People Are Saying:

"How else can I put it? In six short weeks, Austin absolutely transformed my management team. They operate more efficiently, consistently, and reliably. And I am now free to focus on business development instead of constantly putting out fires. It's like we all have extra hours in the day that didn't exist before!"

Steven B.

"Austin helped me improve and streamline my operation by teaching me how to build systems and teach them to my employees. By getting organized and increasing my own productivity, I was able to cut my business' costs, increase profits, and focus my time on getting new business instead of micromanaging my team."

Keegan W.